Saturday, December 15, 2012

December SOTM: Greeting Cards

3" × 3" Greeting Cards

Helpful Hints

To create the techniques featured in this artwork, follow the helpful hints outlined below. Then use the patterns (Wishes: Middle Ground™, Wishes: Mini Combination™, Originals: Stage Right™, Originals: Pieced Panels™, Originals: Fun Flap™, and Originals: Side Accent™) found in our how-to publications Wishes™ and Originals® for inspiration.
  • When making cards to fit in the Card Box, determine how many you want to fit in the box—including the dividers—and then create accordingly with embellishments, making sure the embellishments aren’t too thick to fit in the box.
  • Embellish with stamped accents, paper accents, and accessories, adding dimension with 3-D foam tape as desired.

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