Friday, March 15, 2013

March SOTM: Happiness Bracket Frame

Helpful Hints

To create the techniques featured in this artwork, follow the helpful hints outlined below.

  • Cut the following Cricut® Art Philosophy shapes using papers of choice, if desired:
    • 1" <Shape3> (p. 46)
    • 1" Shift <Bttrfly2> (cut 5, p. 55)
    • Fit to Page <Square4> (p. 53)
  • To create the open center from the solid B&T bracket frame Cricut® shape, temporarily attach the shape to the front of the My Creations® bracket frame with the yellow design facing you; place the frame face-down, with the yellow design facing the work surface; use a pencil to trace along the inside square; cut the inside square out; re-attach the frame with permanent adhesive.
  • To stamp the tic-tac-toe design on a 9" × 9" piece of White Daisy cardstock, stitch the columns and rows, as desired; fill the nine open spaces with stamped accents and accessories, as desired; apply adhesive to the back of each corner of the White Daisy cardstock and slide it inside the bracket frame from the back opening of the frame.
  • To create the multicolor seam binding ribbon, place ribbon on a protected surface then color with various markers to create a multicolor look.
  • Embellish with paper accents and accessories, adding dimension with 3-D foam tape as desired.

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